Resources for Young Adults


Why Juventutem?

"The Juventutem International Federation is a Catholic network fostering the sanctification of the youths worldwide according to the Roman traditions of the Church. We wish to contribute to the sanctification of the members of Juventutem and of any youths our contemporaries ."

Young Adult Group Shows Love for Latin Mass

2012, First Juventum Chapter in the United States

"Not only was the 29-year-old attorney not around when the Tridentine Mass was the common form of the sacred liturgy in Catholic churches, but he didn’t even become a Catholic until his college years.

And the first time Schultz attended a Tridentine Mass, he arrived late and they had run out of missalettes, he said, so he couldn’t even follow along with what was being said.

“But I saw a whole church full of people behaving as if God was really up there on that altar,” Schultz said."

Life on the Rock with FSSP and Juventutem

2012, Father Lee appears on EWTN's Life on the Rock: a video on why young adults are turning to the traditional Latin Mass

A Teen's View on the Latin Mass

My First Latin Mass at the Cathedral

"Stepping into a Cathedral was impressive, but celebrating Mass with the images of Jesus, the apostles, and the angels beautifully crafted onto the walls and windows of a strong, awe-inspiring place offered me a spiritual experience I’d never had before."