24th Annual Pilgrimage for Restoration Auriesville, NY, 27-29 September 2019

What is the Pilgrimage for Restoration? From the website:

“In the footsteps of Martyrs…

In its twenty-fourth year, the annual pilgrimage is a journey of the faithful to the place in ‘New France’ where Saints Isaac Jogues, René Goupîl, John LaLande and numerous Native American Converts were martyred 377 years ago. It is conducted in honor of Christ Our King, for the restoration of new Christendom, and in reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Invoking the intercession of America’s saints and martyrs, we desire that Catholic Faith restore every dimension of our lives: our hearts, families, workplaces, schools, parishes, neighborhoods, monasteries, cities, dioceses, the American nations.

The pilgrimage is an exercise of penance and prayer, of contradiction and restoration, having both a personal and social character. Modeled on the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Chartres, France, we embrace the traditional doctrine & practice of Holy Church, with all her demands.

A special intention of the pilgrimage is restoration of the Catholic family, civil society and the specifically Roman liturgical tradition. We hope thereby to show our attachment to the Church’s tradition – East & West – and the riches it contains, not with the intention of reverting to some by-gone era, but rather of drawing benefits from the ancient sources and putting them to work in the world today…”

And so, here is the announcement for this year – 2019 - and information from the Pilgrimage for Restoration blog:

24th Pilgrimage for Restoration in the footsteps of the martyrs to Our Blessed Lady’s Shrine at Auriesville, NY, 27-29 September — Friday to Sunday!

Journey through majestic Adirondack forests sanctified by the blood of martyrs. Traditional Roman Liturgy every day. Confession, counsel and teaching from priests of solid faith. Fellowship & fun. Shuttles & TLC for the weary.

Something for everybody: youths, students, seniors. Family-friendly. Kids love it!   http://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/schedule/

AFFORDABLE!   https://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/how-to-afford-pilgrimage-the-traditional-way/

Can’t travel? Pray and participate from afar, or sponsor a pilgrim at www.national-coalition.org/w/pilgrimage-without-travel.

Not sure you can make it? PRE-register to hold your place.   http://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/registration/

Register online at www.pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/registration, or send contact info with fee to NCCL, 621 Jordan Cir, Whitehall PA 18052.

Check this blog page or the website for details.

Questions?    pilgrimage.for.restoration@gmail.com    610/435-2634    http://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/blog/


A couple of years back, a supporter of Una Voce Maine went on the pilgrimage; her recollections are here. A couple of snippets:

“… For me, the greatest challenge of the pilgrimage was not the actual walking and occasional discomfort experienced on location, but rather it was trusting Our Lord completely to make it safely from Maine to New York and back with my three youngest treasures (ages 12, 9, and 6) in the back of the car. I had only been driving locally for a few months, had never in my life driven on a highway, so it was tempting to just drop the whole idea…

All in all, there was an overwhelming sense of hope that as we witness the tragic descent of our world into a culture of death, we fellow pilgrims are keeping our eyes focused on Heaven and trust our Blessed Mother to guide us there along with all our children. We are not giving up, we are fighting, and we know Who wins in the end!

Again, I urge you to explore the Pilgrimage for Restoration homepage and blog, both of which have a wealth of information.

Curate, ut valeatis!

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