A Young Man's View of America Magazine's View of the Mass

Declan Leary is, according to his byline, an editorial intern at the National Review, and a junior at John Caroll University. In my simple mind, that would make him one of those young people the Church is always wailing about. He has recently penned an article in the National Review entitled What America Magazine Gets Wrong About the Mass. The principal point (but by no means the only point) is this (my emphasis):

Catholics have to make a choice about how we approach the Mass. Is it the solemn observation instituted by Christ in which we as a Church constantly live the Passion and experience the real presence of our Lord? Or is it a do-it-yourself liturgy where we play out our fantasies and fulfill our wishes, where we make sure that everyone is included in any way they want, no matter how much attention is shifted away from Christ? One choice serves our egos, the other, our souls.

Do take a few minutes to go here and read the entire thing.

Curate, ut valeatis.

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