PEOPLE'S VETO of LD 820 and LD 1313

There is a “People’s Veto” initiative for LD 820, taxpayer-funded abortions in Maine, recently passed and signed into law, as well as LD 1313, the “assisted suicide” law, also recently passed and enacted. Details on the “People’s Veto” law here, and details on how to become a volunteer circulator here.

Bishop Deeley has sent two letters concerning this to all clergy, as well as in the weekly mailing which goes to all employees of the Diocese. So, your parish priest should know about this. Your priest will decide how the letters will be distributed (Faith Catholic app, bulletin stuffer, bulletin column, etc).

I have reproduced Bishop Deeley’s letters below. They’re a bit faded, so I’ve got the links as well!

Link to the LD 820 letter (taxpayer funded abortion) here.

Link to the LD 1313 letter (“assisted suicide”; as a physician I am ashamed to call it “physician assisted”) here.

I will put more up on this as I get it, for right now I want to thank Suzanne Lafreniere, Director of the Office of Public Policy for the Diocese, for her speedy help in getting me all these links and whatnot.

Nota bene: the DEADLINE FOR PETITIONS is 18 September 2019!

Bishop Lett LD 820.jpg
Bishop Lett LD 1313.jpg