BIG NEWS!!! Una Voce Maine is now incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit!!!

From the Internal Revenue Service (my emphasis):

Dear Una Voce Maine St. Michael the Archangel Chapter, Inc:

We’re pleased to tell you we’ve determined you’re exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to you under IRC Section 170. You’re also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522…

Una Voce Maine – St. Michael the Archangel Chapter (I routinely refer to us as “UVM” or “Una Voce Maine”), is now officially incorporated as a public charity, nonprofit organization. Deo gratias!

And what, you may ask, does that mean? It means WE CAN ACCEPT DONATIONS AND YOU CAN DEDUCT THEM!!! (According, of course, to all the usual “charitable deductions” rules).

A “Donate” button is coming soon, but we can accept donations by writing a check to Una Voce Maine and sending it to:

Una Voce Maine

P.O. Box 471

South China, ME 04358-0471

Noto bene: The nice thing about checks is that ALL of your money goes to UVM. Nothing is extracted to pay PayPal or the credit card company. I’m just sayin’...

But what, you may ask, is “Una Voce Maine – St. Michael the Archangel Chapter” a Chapter of? Una Voce America (UVA), which in turn is part of Federatio Internationalis Una Voce (FIUV) More on these guys in a later post, suffice it for now to say that since 2013 UVM has been listed on the Una Voce America Chapters page.

So, the brief history of Una Voce Maine: Organized as a Chapter of Una Voce America, February 2013; incorporated as a non profit public charitable organization, May, 2019.

Although UVM is organized following UVA bylaws and is recognized as an UVA Chapter, Una Voce America asks for no fees or dues. FIUC, UVA and UVM all have more or less the same mission, and I’ll copy a short segment from the About Una Voce page on UVA’s website (my emphasis):

“… dedicated to ensuring that the Roman Mass codified by St. Pius V is maintained as one of the forms of eucharistic worship which are honored in universal liturgical life, and to restoring the use of Latin, Gregorian Chant, and sacred polyphony in Catholic liturgy…

Members believe that use of Latin in the Mass and Sacraments is a unifying force, needed by the Church in these days of widespread controversy. They believe that using the rites which were the form of Catholic worship for over 1,500 years will preserve the traditional emphasis on the Mass as Sacrifice, with its central teaching of transubstantiation, This, in turn, will help reverse the decline in vocations as altar boys, charged with difficult and meaningful duties, will be imbued from an early age with a sense of the sacred. We Catholics possess a living heritage. We owe a duty to our posterity to transmit it in its fullness, and as a living tradition. This is not only the feeling of Una Voce, it is the teaching of all the postconciliar Popes…

A discussion of liturgical and spiritual life will often touch upon theological, historical, aesthetic, ecclesiological, or social influence and factors in the life of the Church. As such, it is often beneficial to provide a range of thought, all within the limits of orthodox doctrine and practice, to give a broader view of the issues of importance to this organization…”

So, what does Una Voce Maine wish to do with these dollars? I shall go into this in Part II: Where the Money Goes.

This has been a long time coming, and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of several people who shall be named when I put up Part III: Who We Are.

Caveat emptor: Una Voce Maine is not affiliated in any way with the Diocese of Portland, Maine, or any other organization (the “Chapter” status with respect to Una Voce America excepted). Also, the opinions expressed in the “Chairman’s Blog” are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else associated with UVM, or anyone else at all, for that matter.

Curate, ut valeatis.