Fast and furious.

From AP News:

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Maine Legislature voted Tuesday to legalize assisted suicide, with supporters declaring it in line with the state’s tradition of individualism and opponents insisting the practice tempts fate.

The bill now goes to Democratic Gov. Janet Mills, who has 10 days to act on the bill and has not indicated whether she will let it become law. Her office said she has not yet taken a position…

The proposal had failed once in a statewide vote and at least seven previous times in the Legislature. If Mills signs it, Maine would join seven other states, including New Jersey this year, and Washington, D.C., with similar laws…

The proposal passed the Democratic-led state Senate 19-16 on Tuesday ... The Democratic-led House had approved it Monday by the narrowest of margins — 73-72…

The new agendas are coming fast and furious, folks. The abortion expansion law (LD 820) that we discussed here and here, which allows public funds to pay for abortion, has passed the Maine House and Maine Senate, and is getting prepped for signature. There is at least one other abortion bill in the Maine legislature as well, we discussed it here. It is also expected to pass.

So called “assisted suicide” has come up numerous times in Maine; like all of these other items the powers that be just keep bringing ‘em back and bringing ‘em back, until the right people are in the legislative and executive branches to pass ‘em and sign ‘em, and the right folks are in the judiciary to keep ‘em passed. Well, those folks are all in place now, and this stuff will pass. Fast and furious.

But, what does “assisted suicide” legislation say to the struggling teenager, the depressed and traumatized middle aged divorcee, the worried and ill and isolated old man? It says this: “Here, let me help you with that.”

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