"The Future of the Church is in her Past" (If you say it, they will come).

Awhile back I did a short post entitled Going backwards to go forwards, which was about St. Mary's Church in Providence, RI. A month or so ago we also looked at the reactions of a local Jr. High group to their first experience with the Latin Mass right here in Maine. We have mentioned that the National Catholic Register has done several pieces on young people and the Traditional Latin Mass; here, for example, and here. The upshot is that young people, rather than being repulsed by the Ancient Form, are attracted to it: the TLM draws on the treasures of the Church’s heritage, and challenges young people.

We have not discussed the effect of the Latin Mass on a priest. Well, I’m not a priest, so I don’t want to speak out of turn. But from Fr. Z (who is a priest, and who talks about the effect it has on priests a lot) we have "Priest apologizes to traditional Catholics: 'The future of the Church is in her past.'" He reproduces the entire letter from a priest who recently returned from the Chartres Pilgrimage in France. Go here to read the entire thing. Here’s a snippet (emphasis in the original):

“…I also want to take a moment for public repentance. Long ago, at a certain liberal seminary far, far away, I was indoctrinated with a disdain for, and even a mockery of, Traditional Catholics. I jumped on the bandwagon for their supposed liturgical naivete and sanctimony. I was convinced that they were backwards, habitually uncharitable, and elitist. After being around 14,000 other Traditional Catholics and priests of more traditional religious congregations, I found them to be astonishingly affable, joyous, and genuine. I was especially surprised to not have heard a single murmur against Pope Francis during the Chartres Pilgrimage. So, to all of those Traditional Catholics I mocked in the past: I am truly sorry. I was wrong. You are doing tremendous good for Christ and His Church.

And you, Traditional Catholics, you are so young! Attached is a picture I snapped as I was walking, of a young boy and a tonsured monk in long, deep conversation–as I took it, a word came to me: ‘The future of the Church is in her past.’…”


And finally, I want to add this from Life Site News (my emphasis):

“… Much of this resurgence has been from my generation. The beauty, goodness, and truth of the Old Mass appeal to us. It’s otherworldly. It directs our thoughts to heaven and God. It isn’t a show the priest puts on for the congregation. The Old Mass helps souls get to heaven. It makes people Catholic because it is Catholic – far more Catholic than much of what goes on in parishes in most of the West…

First Sat Mass May.jpeg

To all the priests and bishops out there who are hesitant for whatever reasons, I offer this: If you say it, they will come.

Curate, ut valeatis!