Bishop Deeley's Call to Action on LD 820

A letter from Bishop Deeley was available at the Palm Sunday Masses today (Palm Sunday, 2019). In it he clearly and courageously called Maine Catholics to oppose LD 820, which would have Maine taxpayers fund abortion services. We discussed this bill not too long ago here. Well, it’s up for a vote soon, possibly this week. Sadly, I cannot reproduce the letter here due to certain technical deficiencies, but here’s the link to the actual letter. Alternatively, if you go to the diocesan website and type LD 820 into the search bar, it comes up. Anyway, here is the seminal paragraph:

As your bishop … I ask you to call your state senator at (207) 287-1540 and your state representative at (207) 287-1400. State your name, where you live and that you oppose LD 820. If you do not know who your senator or representative is, visit to discover who they are. Speak out against these actions and let your voice be heard before it is too late….”

I followed the instructions on the letter Sunday evening, it took less than 10 minutes to identify my senator and representative, call, and leave the messages on the voicemail. I had already written them, but what the heck, I called ‘em anyway. Helpful hint: just put your zip code in the “Faithful Citizen” search bar. Your entire address may confuse it.

Alternatively, these links provide E-mail and regular mail addresses as well.

Find your State Senator

Find your State Representative

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