On Daily Missals

People have contacted me from time to time who are new to the Traditional Latin Mass. The one suggestion that I can make is that of purchasing a Missal. It is absolutely worth the investment ($60, more or less) and you can learn a lot about the Mass from it, as well as lots of other Catholic stuff. These Missals are packed with prayers, the daily Mass readings, notes on the various seasons of the Liturgical Year, and even basic Catholic Catechetical things (e.g. the Sacraments, Sacramentals, the ten Commandments, Precepts of the Church, Cardinal and Theological Virtues, the list goes on and on). So, if I were going to recommend one book in addition to the Bible (in a trustworthy translation) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it would be a decent Daily Roman Missal. Here’s a list of 1962 Missals that are out there: all of them are decent and well and beautifully bound, and will last for years.

1) The Baronius Press Missal (currently out of stock at Baronius Press but ostensibly available through Amazon).

Baronius Missal 1962.jpg

2) The Angelus Press Missal, from the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

Missal Angelus Press.jpg

They also have a Spanish-Latin version and a "young Catholic's" version, which is not dumbed down and infantilized.

3) The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) also offers a 1962 Daily Missal,

Missal FSSP.jpg

as well as a Missal for Young Catholics, a Marian Children's Missal and Booklet Missals in English and Spanish. Note: these last two items, the “Booklet Missals,” are NOT full daily Missals. They are the little red booklets that give an overview of the Mass, but do not have all the daily readings, prayers, etc. You may have seen them, they look like this:

Missal booklet.jpg

Finally, for those of you who, like me, are unable to attend the Traditional Latin Mass, I strongly recommend the Daily Roman Missal, 3rd Edition for the Novus Ordo. Like the 1962 Missals listed above, this has not only all the readings and prayers for each Mass, but is also crammed with “extras”. It was originally published by the Midwest Theological Forum back during the Pontificate of Benedict XVI (when I got mine) but alas I can no longer find it on their website. That’s a shame. You can, however, find it elsewhere, including the Catholic Company (that I linked above) and, of course, Amazon.

Missal NO Daily Roman Missal 3rd Ed.jpg

Curate, ut valeatis!

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