The End of Christmastime

Having safely passed the waypoint of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, those of us navigating with the 1969 Novus ordo chart know that we have departed the Ocean of Christmastime and entered the Sea of Ordinary Time, v.1. Here we will make our way across the waters of the weeks until we pass the Point of Ash Wednesday, entering the Easter Sea via the Storms of Lent.

For those who are blessed enough to be able to follow the alternative chart of 1962, well, you are in a different part of the ocean of Christmas Cycle known as the Time After Epiphany. Here you will go until you, too, leave the Ocean of Christmas. But you will enter the Easter Sea via a different route, three weeks ahead of we who must use the newer chart. Your route does not recognize “Ordinary Time” but will take you by the “pre-Lenten” rocks of Septuagisema, Sexagesima and Quinquagisima Sundays. No matter, for you, too will end up at the same place: Ash Wednesday.

As for me, I have encountered a sharp but hopefully transient increase in work related demands for the next couple of months. Thus, while I shall keep the dates of upcoming TLM Masses up to date – to the extent that I know about them - you will not be hearing much else from me. Perhaps that is a blessing.

Curate, ut valeatis!

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