The FIRST First Saturday Mass this past Saturday, 1 September, 2018

The First FIRST SATURDAY MASS was held this past Saturday, 1 September 2018, at St. Anthony’s Parish in Westbrook, Maine. The plan is for it to continue for the rest of the year. See sidebar or the end of this post (below) for contact information.

FS0 9-18.jpg

Mass was offered by Fr. Steven Cartwright of the Diocese of Portland. Confessions were heard from 8-9AM by Fr. Cartwright and Fr. Reggie Brissette, retired, also of the Diocese. Mass began at 9AM, about 115 were in attendance.

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Peace to him (or her) who enters, greetings to him who goes out.

Here’s some pictures, more or less in order (all pictures courtesy of Matthew Maloney).

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Ite, Missa est.

The next First Saturday Mass is Saturday, 6 October, at 9AM, confessions at 8AM, same place:


9am (Confessions, 8am)
St. Anthony of Padua Parish
268 Brown Street, Westbrook, Maine

Fr. Steven Cartwright
Parochial Vicar - Sebago Lakes Region Parishes
Office Phone: 207-857-0490, ext. 22