Upcoming events in the Fall of 2018, summarized in a nutshell.

There is a lot of stuff going on as we wind down the summer and head into the fall. Here’s a brief recap:

ONE: Maine needs Fatima: I can’t begin to match the sophistication of their website. It has a lot of stuff: go there to learn about them, and what they do, and see some pictures. A couple of impressions from Matt Maloney during his participation in one of the Rosary Rallies are here:

as I arrived at the church, I saw a minivan with the words "Shuttle" handwritten on a large piece of cardboard taped to its side. That's how Dan and Ellen Kasprzyk work, they are great hosts and try to think of everything... Dan is highly energetic and so tech-savvy that he now has a live HD video stream of their events. Ellen ... always makes anyone new feel welcome.  Back in early 2017, their goal was simply to have a monthly rosary rally on or around the 13th of each month to coincide with the apparitions that happened in 1917. Soon it expanded to include confession, Holy Mass, and bringing in guests like Bishop Deeley ... and [for the organization to be] closely connected with America Needs Fatima.

They decided to continue even after the anniversary and so in 2018 they wanted to kick it up a notch by added 3 things.

1) Encourage first Saturday Devotions- Since this was asked for by Our Lady it's a natural next step. What better way to fulfill the Communion of Reparation is there than participating in a Mass devoted to our Blessed Mother?

2) Start the #RosaryChallange  - A social media campaign like the 'ice bucket challenge' but think "drier and holier". They simply ask participants to take a photo or video as you pray the rosary, to pray it somewhere publicly, and to invite a friend to pray with you.

3) To start a public Marian Procession through the heart of Gorham to St Anne's Church where the Rosary Rally takes place under big white tents set up by the local Knights of Columbus council…

Again, go to their website to learn more!

TWO: The ME Needs Fatima First Five Saturdays devotion is conveniently coterminous with the TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS offered every First Saturday beginning THIS SATURDAY, 1 SEPTEMBER, details HERE (and on the sidebar).

THREE: CATHOLIC RURAL LIFE FESTIVAL September 14-16, 2018. All the information and links are on the Una voce Maine website here.

FOUR: MAGNIFICAT PRAYER BREAKFAST 8 September. All the information and links are on the Una voce Maine website here.

That’s it, in a nutshell: if I’ve missed anything, please let me know!

Curate, ut valeatis!