Stupid is as stupid does.

What don’t they get???

Recently, Life Site News did a piece on Cardinal Dolan defending the Met Gala. I’m not going to talk about the Met Gala, it was disgusting and blasphemous and that’s all I have to say about that. What struck me, though, was one of Dolan’s comments:

Boy, you talk about the public square – with some of the movers and shakers who were there – and they’re reminded of positive memories of the Church and of devotions, prayers, traditions, and liturgies, as many of them told me they were. This could only be for the good of the Church.” (my emphasis)

Really? Devotions, prayers, traditions, liturgies; these are all good for the Church? Why, then, isn’t the good Cardinal (and all the bishops) moving as rapidly as possible to return Tradition to the “mainstream” church?

Stupid is as stupid does.