Event ONE: Maine Catholic Women's Conference May 5th 2018 8AM-4:30PM

That's THIS SATURDAY, folks!!

Here's the flyer, there's also information at the Diocesan website HERE. There will be an Una Voce Maine table there, along with a plethora of other tables. Details are also on the sidebar.

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Event TWO: Scarborough Chapter of Magnificat Prayer Breakfast May 19th

See HERE for details and registration information. The following tidbits are taken from the website link, there's more on the website:

"About Our Speaker: Susan Conroy

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Susan Conroy first journeyed to India between her junior and senior years at Dartmouth College after being inspired by Mother Teresa’s efforts there on behalf of the Poorest of the Poor.She journeyed alone to Calcutta with the dream of helping Mother Teresa to care for the destitute in children’s orphanages and in the Home for the Dying.
She developed a friendship with Mother Teresa which lasted throughout the course of eleven years, and her experiences are chronicled in her first book: Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love & Secrets of Sanctity, which was written with Mother Teresa’s own blessing and approval.  It was published in 2003.
Susan has made numerous television appearances, for local as well as worldwide audiences. She hosted a 13-part full-season series called “Speaking of Saints” on EWTN, a global television network that reaches over 200 million households worldwide.  She welcomed EWTN to Maine to tape a new series about finding Jesus Christ in the world today and thus finding eternal salvation.  These new episodes were filmed along the Coast of Maine as well as in view of Maine’s tallest peak, Mount Katahdin.  It is called “Coming to Christ,” and it began airing in 2014...
Most recently, in 2016, Susan released a treasure entitled Praying with Mother Teresa, filled with beautiful quotations by Mother Teresa and various other saints, some never-before-published photographs of our newly-canonized Saint, as well as prayers that Mother Teresa herself prayed..."