Pontifical Solemn High Mass (Extraordinary Form) at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Saturday, 28 April, 2018

For all the years off and on that I lived in Washington, DC, I never once went to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Now, much of that time I wasn’t Catholic, so that doesn’t count. However, by the time of my final sojourn in the District I had come into the Church, yet somehow still never managed to get to the Basilica. But I could glimpse the dome from the subway window on my commute to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. That’s as close as I got.


But I’m interested in what goes on there, and especially this:

Pontifical Solemn High Mass for the 10th Anniversary Commemoration of Summorum Pontificum Issued by Pope Benedict XVI

The Celebrant is the Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample, Archbishop of Portland in Oregon. What isn’t mentioned on the Diocesan biography page is this: 

 “When Pope Benedict XVI issued Summorum Pontificum in 2007, then-Bishop Sample decided to learn on his own (my emphasis) to celebrate the traditional form of the Roman Rite. In 2012 he announced he would offer the Mass approximately once a month on Sundays in his cathedral church…” (taken from The Paulus Institute announcement, here)

The sponsor is The Paulus Institute. A brief description of a “Pontifical” Mass is here.