On the Stability of the Latin Mass in these times of chaos.

From the National Catholic Register:

I think it’s the uncertainty that everything seems to be shifting and the [traditional] Mass itself is stable,” Joseph said. “It doesn’t change.”

I have never had the sense of peace in the Novus ordo that I had back in the day when we were able to go to a local Vetus ordo parish. Since it was an FSSP parish, we didn’t feel like we were second class citizens, relegated to a side chapel, the basement, or an inconvenient Mass time. The Mass was reverent, it was predictable, it was not about the priest drawing attention to himself or the people drawing attention to themselves. It was about God. The Mass was the Mass, it didn’t change, and that was that.

Michael Price is a 23-year-old former atheist who is taking a Catholic catechism class. He described himself as on the verge of converting and believes the traditional Latin Mass has been helping him in his conversion process.

It would be slow going otherwise,” he said, adding that the “atmosphere” he experienced at the Novus Ordo Masses has led him to want to leave. He said, “I don’t get that at all with the Latin Mass.” 

For Price, there’s something straightforward about the extraordinary form of the Mass.

Price thinks the traditional Latin Mass “really embodies the dogma and teaching of the Catholic Church better than the Novus Ordo does. A reason for that could be that that is the way the Mass has been for over 1,000 years. Being entrenched in that one manner of prayer and sacrifice really enabled that ritual, that Mass, to embody the dogma more effectively than the Novus Ordo, which was more recently instituted.”

The Mass is the Mass, and that is that. The article continues,

“’The whole orientation,’ Father Berg (of the FSSP parish in Rhode Island - TC) added, ‘focuses upon the offering of the sacrifice to God, rather than on the community, as in the new rite.’ Also, in the extraordinary form, he said, Catholics are reminded constantly of their kneeling before God and the humility they ought to have in offering sacrifice. ‘If that relationship with God is understood, we believe that relationship defines all your other relationships.’

I recommend the article to you – it is very good.

Curate, ut valeatis.

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