All Saints, All Souls, First Saturday, November, Anno Domini MMXVIII

The St. Gregory the Great Latin Mass Chaplaincy is offering a Traditional Latin Mass at 8AM at the Cathedral in Portland, and at 630PM at the Basilica in Lewiston, this Thursday for the FEAST OF ALL SAINTS

This Saturday is FIRST SATURDAY, and the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered at St. Anthony’s in Westbrook (see below).

From the Daily Missal (1962):

Thursday, November 1st, Anno Domini MMXVIII: THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS

We can pay no greater honour to the Saints than by offering up to God in their name the Blood of Jesus. The efficacy of their past merits and present prayers is greatly increased when offered to God in close association with the merits and prayers of our Lord. Therefore the Church commemorates on this day all the Saints in heaven without exception, and thus honours also those who are unknown and have no public reconistion in the Liturgy.

COLLECT: Almighty and everlasting God, who hast enabled us to honour in one solemn Feast the merits of Thy Saints: we beseech Thee, that, with so many praying for us, Thou wouldst pour forth on us an abundance of Thy mercy for which we long.

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Friday, November 2nd, Anno Domini MMXVIII: THE FEAST OF ALL SOULS

The practice of recommending to God the souls of the departed in that we may mitigate the great pains which they suffer, and that He may soon bring them to His glory, is most pleasing to God and most profitable to us. For those blessed souls are His eternal spouses, and they are most grateful to those who obtain their deliverance from prison, or even a mitigation of their torments. Hence, when they shall enter into heaven, they will certainly not forget those who prayed for them. It is a pious belief that God manifests to them our prayers for them, that they may also pray for us. Let us recommend to Jesus Christ, and to His holy Mother, all the souls in Purgatory, but especially those of our relatives, benefactors, friends, and enemies, and, still more particularly, the souls of those for whom we are bound to pray; and let us consider the great pains which these holy spouses of Jesus Christ endure, and offer to God for their relief the Masses of this day.

COLLECT (The First Mass): O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful: grant to the souls of Thy servants and handmaidens the remission of all their sins: that through pious supplications, they may obtain that pardon, which they have always desired.

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And, this Saturday is First Saturday for November.