Why are we here?

Now that we are in a new calendar year, the year of our Lord (Anno Domini, commonly known as A.D.) MMXVIII, I thought it well to briefly review the question, “why are we here?” The answer, or course, is to know, love and serve God in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven. Well, I’m riffing slightly on Question 6, and its answer, in the First Lesson of the Baltimore Catechism. Actually, today I want to be a tetch more specific.

Why is Una Voce Maine here? This is a brief guide to links on the UvM website, to orient the newcomer, remind the already established, and help me to organize my thoughts as I begin to approach the task of figuring out how to get “non-profit” status for UvM. Here goes.

Who are we? (from the “ABOUT” link on the UvM toolbar.)

About Us

Una Voce Maine is an official chapter of Una Voce America. We are a group of faithful Catholics in Maine, in union with the Holy See and the Bishops united with the Supreme Pontiff of the Church, who share the goal of preserving, promoting, and facilitating the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass or the Tridentine Latin Mass.

What We Do

  • participate in the mission of the Catholic Church to lead all souls to heaven by drawing upon the treasures of the Church as have been handed down throughout the ages
  • promote the Latin Masses offered in the Diocese of Portland, Maine
  • support related traditional practices such as Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, and sacred art
  • help laity better understand and more fruitfully participate in Catholic liturgy as a sacred action
  • support and assist laity who wish to have the Extraordinary Form of the Mass offered in their parish
  • provide and clarify information about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass
  • provide resources and assistance to priests who wish to learn and use the rubrics of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in their parish


In addition, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a few Frequently Asked Questions with brief answers. One of the questions, “Why is the Mass prayed in Latin?”, I’ve tried, in my own small way, to elaborate on in a short two part post called “Why Teach Latin”, here and here. As time goes by, I’ll try to add my own thoughts to some of the other FAQs as well. This is to support bullet #6 of the “What We Do” list, provide and clarify information about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Una Voce America, by the way, is here. We can be found in the Chapters section.

What can you do? Why, that is answered in the toolbar link called, cleverly enough, WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Should you have questions, you can always CONTACT me. You don’t need to fill out all the information if you’ve only a question, but it’s always nice. I promise, no salesmen will call.

The LINKS button has a bunch of resources on it. I know, I know, some need to be updated – and they shall be - but most are valid, and I would like to draw your attention to one in particular, the Catholic Herald. This is the online on line version of the famous UK magazine, and it is, in my humble opinion, one of the best things out there. The Brits just do so well with the Language – English, that is.

A brief CH sampling: How to save the English Church, Five bishops reaffirm traditional teaching on Communion, and The Church can do much better at serving young women. These are just from the past couple of days.

YOUNG ADULTS is a page for, well, young adults. Keeping in mind that today’s young adult is tomorrow’s middle aged spread (I, too, was once a “young adult”. I think.) it nevertheless it has a good resource on there, the international organization Juventutem. But the page needs more good links for young adults, if you know of any please pass them along to me here.

Last, and you can decide if its least, is the CHAIRMAN'S BLOG. That’s where I have my say, every Monday (more or less), and I do try to make my blather at least marginally useful and at least minimally entertaining. If you feel the need to contact me regarding what I write, by all means please CONTACT me.

And that, to quote my favorite 20th century philosopher, is all I have to say about that.

Curate, ut valeatis.